Ph.D., History, University of Iowa, May 2016

  • Dissertation: Spare No One: Destroying Communities in Roman Warfare, third and second centuries BCE; Thesis Committee: Rosemary Moore and Constance Berman (co-directors), Alexander Thein, Michael Moore, Sarah Bond, Michaela Hoenicke-Moore

M.A., History, University of Iowa , 2010

  • Thesis: Hellenistic Military Conventions and the Greek View of Roman Warfare

B.S., History, Truman State University, 2008


2023, “‘Once within the Gates’: Storming Cities and Unit Cohesion in Ancient Mediterranean Warfare,” in Unit Cohesion and Warfare in the Ancient World, edited by Joshua R. Hall, Louis Rawlings, and Geoff Lee (Routledge)

2023, “Responding to ‘Peculiar Tactics’: Mass Violence in the Jugurthine and Lusitanian Wars,” in Forschungen zur Gewalt in der römischen Antike, edited by Justine Diemke (Franz Steiner Verlag)

2021, Spare No One: Mass Violence in Roman Warfare (Rowman & Littlefield)

2021, “Destroying Fortifications in Ancient Warfare,” Ancient Warfare Magazine XIV.3

2020, “Crimes and Consequences in Ancient Rome,” Military History Quarterly 32.4

2020, “Surviving the Vikings in France: The Sack of Nantes,” Medieval Warfare Magazine X.3

2018, Review of J. Armstrong (ed.) Circum Mare: Themes in Ancient Warfare (Mnemosyne Supplement 388), Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2016. In The Classical Review 68.1

2015, “Greek Reactions to Roman Warfare,” Ancient Warfare Magazine VIII.6

2013, “Sallust, Marius, and the Alleged Violation of the Ius Belli,” Ancient History Bulletin 27.3-4


2021 – , The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (Chicago, IL)

History Teacher  

  • Early World History: AY 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024 (scheduled)
  • Modern World History: AY 2021-2022
  • War and Violence in the Pre-Modern World: Fall 2022, Fall 2023 (scheduled), Spring 2024 (scheduled)
  • Global Cold War: Spring 2023 

2016 – 2019, 2021, The Nueva Upper School (San Mateo, CA)

Winter Intersession Instructor

  • Mass Violence in Roman Warfare: January 2021

History and Social Science Teacher and Advisor

  • Ancient & Medieval Worlds: AY 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019
  • Europe and the World, 1750-1950: Fall 2017, Spring 2018
  • The Rise of Rome: Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019
  • The Vikings in World History: Fall 2016, Spring 2017

2008-2015, The University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)

Graduate Instructor

Designed and taught introductory-level courses as instructor of record.

  • The Fall of the Roman Empire: Spring 2015, Fall 2014
  • War & Violence in Pre-Modern World History: Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013
  • The Roman Conquest of the Hellenistic World: Spring 2012
  • The Fall of Carthage: Fall 2011, Spring 2011


As a parental leave replacement.

  • Western Civilization I (Ancient/Medieval): October – December 2012
  • The Hellenistic World and Rome: April – May 2010

Graduate Teaching Assistant: Discussion Section Leader

  • Western Civilization I (Ancient/Medieval): Fall 2012, Spring 2010, Spring 2009
  • Western Civilization II (Late Medieval/Early Modern): Fall 2009

Graduate Teaching Assistant: History Writing Center Advisor

  • Writing Center Advisor: Fall 2008, Spring 2009

Awards & Honors

2020, Invited Speaker for Graduation Events, The Nueva Upper School

2015-2016, History Department Fellowship, Department of History, University of Iowa

2015, William L. M. and William E. Burke Grant for European Research, Department of History, University of Iowa

2014, Selected Participant, National Endowment for the Humanities Workshop: “Digital Methods for Military History”

2014, Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, University of Iowa

2014, Graduate College Summer Fellowship, University of Iowa

2014, Graduate and Professional Student Government Travel Award, University of Iowa

2014, Obermann Graduate Fellow, Obermann Graduate Institute on Public Engagement and the Academy, University of Iowa

2013, Nominated for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, University of Iowa

2012, Stanley Graduate Award for International Research, University of Iowa

2012, Henry Horwitz Prize for Best Graduate Student Syllabus, University of Iowa

2012, Society for Military History / First Division Cantigny Museum Prize for the Best Paper in Military History Presented by a Graduate Student at the Northern Great Plains History Conference

2012, Nominated for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, University of Iowa

2012, Executive Council of Graduate and Professional Students Travel Award, University of Iowa

2012, Travel Award, Graduate Student Senate, University of Iowa

Conference & Campus Presentations

2015, “The Military Logic of Massacre: The Case of Galba and the Lusitanians,” International Ancient Warfare Conference 2015, Aberystwyth, Wales, June 29-July 2 (abstract)

2014, “Kataskaptein:  Interpreting Urban Destruction,” Classical Association of the Middle West and South 110th Annual Meeting, Waco, TX, April 2-5 (abstract)

2014, “On Duties: Starting a Conversation on Public Service and Citizenship,” The Graduate History Society Forum, University of Iowa

2014, “Visualizing Ancient Warfare,” Studio Talks: Lightning Round Edition, The University of Iowa Digital Studio for Public Arts and Humanities

2012, “Terror, Attrition, and Revenge in Roman Warfare, Third and Second Centuries BCE,” Society for Military History Session at 47th Annual Northern Great Plains History Conference, Fargo, ND, September 26-29 (abstract)

2012, “Polybius and Atrocity in Hellenistic Warfare,” Classical Association of the Middle West and South 108th Annual Meeting, Baton Rouge, LA, March 28-31 (abstract)

Professional & Institutional Service

Oct. 2020-, Network Editor of H-War, H-Net Network on World Military History

2020-2021, Contributor, ERIS: Hamburg Information System on Greek and Roman Violence, University of Hamburg (Note: ERIS is a prototype searchable database that collates references to violence in ancient texts, hosted on an internal server at the University of Hamburg. I contributed to the project on a voluntary basis by extracting data on violence from ancient authors and organizing them thematically in Excel, for future entry into the database.)

2019, Co-Facilitator, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshop, The Nueva School

2017, Co-Facilitator, Women’s Reproductive Rights Workshop, The Nueva School

2017, Study Abroad Co-Leader, Upper School Global Citizenship: Peru, The Nueva School

2016, Panelist, Open Doors Conference, University of Iowa

2015, Organizing Committee Member, Careers Outside of the Academy Conference, University of Iowa

2015, Panelist, Applying for PhD Programs, University of Iowa

2013, Panelist, Teaching Assistant Training Workshop: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom, Department of History, University of Iowa

2012-2013, Faculty Representative, Graduate History Society, University of Iowa

2011-2012, President, Graduate History Society, University of Iowa

Professional Development

2017, Participant, Educator Group on Social Injustice and Inequity, The Nueva School 

2016, Participant, The Design Thinking Institute, The Nueva School

2016, Participant, Instructional Design and Digital Learning Environments Workshop: TILE Essentials, University of Iowa Center for Teaching

2014, Participant, NEH Workshop: Digital Methods for Military History

Community Outreach

2020, Speaker, “Failure and Frustration in Roman Spain,” Classical Association of Ireland – Dublin Chapter

2020, Speaker, “History Lecture Series: Failed Reform, Popular Unrest, and Political Violence in Ancient Rome,” Edgewater Village, Chicago, IL

2020, Speaker, “History Lecture Series: The Fiery War,” Edgewater Village, Chicago, IL

2016, Invited Speaker, “Destroying Cities in Ancient Warfare,” Smart Lunch Talks, Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids, IA

2013, District 10 Judge for Website and Performance Categories, National History Day, Iowa City, IA

Field Work

2012, Graduate Student Volunteer, Gabii Project Archaeological Field Program


Latin (reading knowledge)
Classical Greek (reading knowledge)
Italian (intermediate speaking proficiency, reading knowledge)
French (reading knowledge)

The walls of Orraon in Epirus, demolished by Roman soldiers in 167 BCE. Photo by author.

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