My research is situated in the Roman and Hellenistic Mediterranean, but broad training, ballooning interests, and open-ended teaching opportunities have allowed me to expand my teaching portfolio well beyond: at the time of writing, I’ve taught history courses on the ancient Mediterranean, late antiquity, medieval and modern Europe, pre-modern and modern world history, and the history of warfare. Over seven years of teaching at the University of Iowa, I designed and taught four discussion-based, general education courses. Each class involved the focused study of specific historical societies and introduced students to historical methods, writing, and argumentation. For several months in Spring 2010 and Fall 2012, I also taught an upper level history class and a large survey course (respectively), writing and delivering all lectures and managing assessments. More recently, I designed and taught several classes at the Nueva School, a private high school for gifted learners and a leading institution of progressive education. My courses at Nueva included early and modern global history and seminar-style electives on the Viking Age and the Roman Republic. Most recently, at the University of Chicago Lab Schools, I taught Early and Modern World History, and I’m slated to teach a course on warfare in the pre-modern world and another course on the Cold War. Check out my CV for a full list of courses taught.

Teaching Artifacts:

Taking some family and friends around Housesteads Roman Fort in England.

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